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This is the update for the Bottom Line Service System 2022  (8.51.01).

Cloud users this update will be done for you.

This update is NOT password protected. You will not need a password to install this update.

    If you are going to download this update, the HELP and ABOUT screen from the Main Menu should look like this.

After you install this update the version should say 

You can download this update if you have any version of  8.51

Download this update only if you have purchased and installed this version.


To Install the update:

  • Select the file button (diskette), button below to start the download.

  • Select "Save to Disk" and "OK" then select a directory on your hard drive as the destination.

  • After the file has successfully downloaded to your hard drive, double click on the file using Windows Explorer.

  • Take all of the default program locations (including the temporary file location), unless you have a specific reason to override them.

  • The rest of the installation will be automatic. 

  • Be sure to copy and make the updates on EVERY computer that is running Bottom Line locally, ( contains a c:\blha\objectw folder ). 

  •  You do not need to update Servers that do not have the software loaded on them.



There are currently no updates for this version.



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